Department of Physical Education

Date of Establishment :-09-04-2018

Aims and Objectives

The main aims of Physical Education of Subhas Chandra Bose Centenary College are to enable the students to appreciate and understand the value of Physical Education and its relationship to a healthy active life style, work to their optimal level of physical fitness.


  Democratic working space
  College Play ground
  Upgraded laboratories and equipment of sports
  Upgraded Gymnasium
  Experienced faculty at our College


  Limited number of female participants. We still face challenges to gather female students to engage in sports event.
  The gymnasium space is still not adequate for both girls and boys to undertake physical exercises regularly.
  We are yet to have a full time faculty for the Department.
  There is limited fund for the Department which is a persistent constraints for us.


  We need set up to prepare our students for National Level meets with adequate ground space.


  Students are taking interest in this field and many students are willing to take up their career following the path of sports.
  The students are well organized and dedicated to undertake challenges.
  Humanistic approach of dedicated teaching staff of our college.
  We can promote this department as a game changer for health issue and positive impact of physical education department on health.
  This department has a great opportunity to get job as physical Education teacher at school level , college level and university level.

Existing Infrastructure


The Department has a separate building space for physical education department at the Annex building of our college.


Out of remaining 80mtr. length and 60mtr.width have been developed for deferent kind of sports. The college has assured us for efficient training and coaching of teachers.


Standard equipmentshave been provided by our college.


Anatomy and physiology health educational lab.


Our college library provides sufficient number of books on various aspects of physical education.

Extra Curriculum Activities

  In the previous academic session the department organizedthe West Bengal Netball Championship 2019-20 with full support from our college and the college staff members.

Future Plans

  We are planning to put our outstation students together in a proper hostel accommodation.
  We have a thorough dietary chart for the students but we are planning to provide them a sports allowances especially to the economically deprived students so that they can follow the dietary chart along with the others in the Department.
  We have initiated to groom our students to be adequately prepared for National Meet in the future.
  The college has already planned for a playground with better facilities in the future. We look forward to it.


Avijit Deb

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Avijit Deb BPEd, MPEd
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