About NSS

The National Service Scheme owes its origin to the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, who believed that the first duty of the students was not to treat their period of study as an opportunity for intellectual luxury, but to prepare themselves for final dedication in the service of society. In the post-independence era, the University Grants Commission headed by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan recommended introduction of National Service Scheme in the academic institutions on a voluntary basis with a view to developing healthy contacts between the students and teachers on the one hand and establishing a constructive linkage between the campus and the community on the other hand.

National Service Scheme (NSS) has been introduced at Lalbagh S C Bose Centenary college since 2005 as a part of the academic programs and since then NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of our college education.Major extensive activities in which our students are involved is under National Service Scheme (NSS), where every year 50 students are enrolled. From the very beginning this unit is involved in different service schemes. For best performance of the unit among the colleges within the University of Kalyani the Programme Coordinator Dr. Supam Mukherjee was awarded in 2016. So far the activities of our NSS unit at a glance are as follows:

  • Observation of all the important days through which the students pay tribute to the patriots and the noble personalities, remind our duty as the citizens of India, aware the surroundings about the importance of special days.
  • Awareness programme in adapted villages makes the community conscious in hygienic issues, spread of literacy, plantation and maintenance of greenery, ill effects of environmental pollution like issues.
  • Our students through their involvement with the community build a friendly environment, where the people feel to be in attachment with near ones in their need. Among such events we must mention the social activity our NSS unit showed during Lock-down under the pandemic situation. Our NSS members not only spread the awareness to fight against COVID-19, but in activities like food packet distribution for the needy families, preparing and distribution of masks among the needy ones made our NSS unit as a friend in need within the locality.
  • The most important humanitarian activity performed by the unit is annual organising blood donation camp. In this activity of the NSS unit we are supervised by Lalbagh Sub-division Hospital. Involvement of students and teachers make the activity successful.